How many soapnuts do I need per wash?

It is recommended to use between 3 – 5 whole soap nuts per wash (broken soapnuts work just as well, and can be used to make up this number). Depending on the temperature of the water in your wash, these soap nuts can be used up to 4 or 5 time, before being disposed of in your compost heap. The best indication of when they should be disposed of is that the soap nuts become darker and lose their sheen (50g of soapnuts can last for about 20-25 washes). A 500g bag of soapnuts should therefore last for about 6 months.

Can I use soap nuts on any type of laundry?

YES, absolutely! Soap nuts can be used on any fabric, from denim to silks, darks or lights. Soapnuts will remove any normal everyday stains (please note however that for more stubborn stains you will still need to use a stain treatment).
Soap nuts are great for maintaining fabric colours (remember to be careful of normal sun fade). Soap nuts can also be used on cloth nappies, however it is suggested to be careful with the use of essential oils in this case due to the sensitivity of baby’s skin.

Will they damage my whites?

No – soap nuts do not contain colourants and will not stain your wash. Remember to wash whites separately from  colours. As with any whites, normal fading will occur with washing over time. Try adding lemon juice (1/2 cup) to maintain your whites for longer.

Can I order & pay off-line?

Yes you can. You can contact us by phone or preferably by email  with your request. We will furnish an invoice with our banking details.

What should I do with the small laundry bag of soap nuts in between washes?

After you finish washing your last load, you can hang the small bag of soap nuts in the sun to dry & re-use it for your next load. Remember this bag can be re-used several times until the soap nuts are used up.

How can I tell when the shells are no longer effective?

You’ll know the saponin in Soap Nuts is used up when the nuts no longer feel squeaky clean or sudsy when you rub them or when the shells are mushy & disintegrate. They are biodegradable and you can throw them on your compost heap.

Is it okay to leave the soap nuts in the machine during the rinse cycle?

Yes this is fine. Soap nuts release saponin slowly in cold water & normally the rinse cycle uses cooler water. Besides there is no soapy residue to wash away as the soap nuts are low sudsing.

Do I need to use fabric softener?

No, it is not necessary. Soap nuts will soften and add body to your clothes!

How should I store soap nuts?

Soap nuts absorb moisture very easily. They become dark & sticky in a very short period of time if left exposed to air. Ideally the nuts should be packed in an airtight container or a plastic bag tied tight with a rubber band. However, sticky soap nuts do not mean that they have gone bad. They will still wash & clean perfectly. Soap nut powder, however, if not stored perfectly in air tight conditions, will become lumpy very easily. Once in lump form, the powder is difficult to use, even though it still retains all its original washing properties.

I’m allergic to nuts? Are safe nuts safe for me?

Yes safe nuts are safe. Remember they are not nuts at all but berries or fruit of the soap nut tree.

Do soap nuts have a fragrance?

Soap nuts have a vinegar smell but they will not fragrance your clothes at all. If you prefer scent, you can add a few drops of you favorite essential oil on the cotton bag used with the laundry or in your soap nut liquid