Facial Cleansing Pads


These face wipes are zero waste and better for the environment compared to the single use cotton wipes. They are reusable and therefore cost-effective. They can be used for removing makeup, cleansing the face or applying toner.

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The facial cleansing pads are made from bamboo. They are super soft and gentle on skin.

  • Washable, therefore can be reused
  • Durable & will last a while
  • Soft on skin
  • Use to remove makeup, cleanse & tone
  • Both sides can be used


Directions for use:

  • Wash the wipes before use in warm water
  • Apply your makeup remover, cleanser or toner directly on the pad
  • Rinse your wipe after each use with warm water & soap to remove most of the makeup and product
  • Throw in the wash (preferably using a mesh laundry bag) or hand wash (without using fabric softener)



Approximately 8 cm diameter





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