Wool Dryer Balls


Wool dryer balls are a cost-effective and sustainable option to fabric softeners. Nature Soap wool dryer balls are handmade with 100% wool. They naturally soften your laundry and decrease drying time. They are re-usable.

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Wool dryer balls are used in the dryer to help cut your tumble dry time as well as to soften fabrics, therefore eliminating the need for chemical fabric softeners.

  • 100% wool
  • Reduces tumble drying (by 10%-30%)
  • Softens your laundry
  • Reusable up to 3-5 years
  • No need for chemical-laden fabric softeners
  • No need for fabric softener or dryer sheets
  • Includes 4 dryer balls

100% wool yarn (80% merino, 20% alpaca)


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