Why use Soap Nuts instead of normal detergents?

Soapnuts are Economical

With a kilo (containing around 325 soap nuts), a family can do around 270 washes. When compared to the costs of store-bought detergents and household cleaners, soapnuts are clearly an extremely cost effective alternative.

Fabric softener is not needed when using soapnuts, as there is no residue left on the clothes to make them hard. Your washing machine will last longer as there are no harsh chemicals to attack washing machine parts.

Soap nuts are eco-friendly

Soap nuts are 100% environmentally friendly from start to end. Our soapnuts do not pollute the environment through use, and can be added to your compost heap to be recycled back into the environment (100% biodegradable). Not only that, but the growing of the soapnut trees helps produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air. Have you ever thought about all the chemicals that we pour down the drain daily? What impact do they have on our environment? What does this mean for our children’s future?

If you are like most people, your house is littered with cleaning products and chemicals that are harmful to your family and pollute the environment. Clearly an alternative is needed for those concerned with the health of those we love, and the well-being of our planet. New products come and go, and it is often difficult to find one that has stood the test of time.

Soap nuts are an excellent choice for people wanting to use environmentally friendly products. It’s an organic product and contain no added chemicals, fragrances, dyes or fillers.

Soap Nuts are not actually nuts at all, but berries (also known as soap berries). They contain high concentrations of saponin, which acts as a natural soap when it comes into contact with water.

Soap nuts are Hypoallergenic

Soap nuts will not irritate sensitive skin, and are great for eczema and skin allergy sufferers, making them particularly appropriate for babies’ cloth nappies and linen.They are also wonderful for people with sensitivities to commercial detergents.
They are totally allergen free and are kind to the skin.